Press Clipping

“Impeach the President” is a phrase heard more and more often these days. It also happens to be the name of the most sampled song in history. So it’s fitting that sampling service Tracklib is using the song in its biggest Instagram-driven Beat Battle so far.

Last week, a digital billboard truck bearing the phrase “Impeach the President” made its rounds through Manhattan with a vibrant street team. You can view the activation below:

Tracklib’s “Impeach the President” Beat Battle invites producers to cook up a beat sampling the classic song by The Honey Drippers. Participants can download it for free, chop it, flip it, and turn it into a banger with a purpose. The beat battle is judged by Grammy-Award winning producer Drumma Boy and concludes on March 31.

There are some interesting entries from the contest so far, like:

A performance in front of the White House

Some creative animation

Hip-hop meets “A Space Odyssey”

More details about the battle and Tracklib can be found here -