Press Clipping
Tracklib "The Record Store for Sampling" has raised 1.7 million.

This is my first time coming across Tracklib and i am already impressed.
This is sampling done with the upmost respect and transparency. Here at Tracklib you can sample a song and be fully protected under licensing rights. This was pretty difficult to do before tracklib, because you would have to track down the owner to get permission to use the license. Most producers only want to use less than a few seconds of the sample and here you can for a way better price. They have it all listed out and transparent for you to check out.

I will definitely be using this, and if you plan on signing up go ahead and use my referral link as i get two free songs!

Apparently i am late, because they just raised 1.7 million in there first round of funding, with more to go.

Check it out here.