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Tracklib launches its ‘State of Sampling 2019’ report

Sample-licensing service Tracklib has published its latest ‘State of Sampling’ report, offering some stats and insight into how samples are being used in 2019’s music industry.

“This year, 15% of the songs on Billboard Hot 100 contained samples. A total of 17 samples in 15 of the songs, with some containing more than one,” being one of its findings. The most prominent example being the Nine Inch Nails banjo line used for Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’, which saw Trent Reznor get a songwriting credit on 2019’s buzziest hit.

Tracklib notes that over the last decade, the percentage of tracks on Billboard’s singles chart featuring samples has been fairly consistent: between 15% and 25% generally. Its report splits the genres out in 2019: 32% of the biggest hip-hop tracks featured samples, compared to 24% of R&B tracks, 12% of Latin tracks and 10% apiece for pop and dance tracks.

“59% of the top 100 albums this year contained samples. A total of 321 samples appeared on those albums, which translates to more than 3 samples per album on average – across all genres,” it added. “Even the latest albums from major pop artists like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande contain samples.” There’s more to read in the full report.