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Launched in April 2018, Tracklib is the world's first and only music service that enables music creators to discover, sample, and license original recordings. It solves a problem that has been plaguing producers, DJs, artists, and others since the rise of sampling in hip-hop and dance music over 30 years ...

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James Paasche

“The Hip-Hop gods have spoken”: Tracklib and Inspectah Deck announce winner of sampling contest

Today, Inspectah Deck, founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, and Tracklib, the all-in-one sampling and licensing platform, announced the winner of their unique sampling contest. The contest asked producers to make a beat using samples from Tracklib, with the winning beatmaker getting flown to New York to finish the track in the studio with Inspectah Deck. The song will also appear on Inspectah Deck’s upcoming album, all of which will be comprised of songs that were made with samples exclusively from the Tracklib library.

The winner of the contest is Jonathan Myles, an independent producer from Atlanta, GA. Myles’s style was influenced by many of the kings of beatmaking: Pete Rock, DJ Premier (Gangstarr), Alchemist, and, of course, the RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. “I’m just an average Joe,” said Myles, who had to pull over in his car to celebrate the news. Myles recognizes what this opportunity means for his career: “It’s like the hip-hop gods have spoken.” Inspectah Deck himself found Myle's work reminiscent of one of those gods: "That Wu Kung Fu reminded me of RZA 1995 in his basement.”

Myles will be flown to New York City for a studio session with Inspectah Deck on Monday August 5th to complete the track. Myles will receive full-credit for his participation on the track. Inspectah Deck also announced that there were so many amazing entries that a few more beats from the contest will actually make it onto the album, demonstrating the vast, untapped talent of beatmakers worldwide. Deck said, “It was a long, hard decision, a lot of heat, a lot of fire in the inbox.”

The contest itself drew worldwide interest, as Tracklib received well over 1000 entries, from 45 countries on 6 continents and 38 different states in the U.S.

About Tracklib:

Tracklib is the world’s first and only music service that offers legal and affordable samples at scale. Music producers can easily browse more than 100,000 tracks and purchase downloads for sampling, then instantly get a license with an easy-to-use category and and sample length calculation. Tracklib samples have been in hits by J. Cole, DJ Khaled and many others.