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Launched in April 2018, Tracklib is the world's first and only music service that enables music creators to discover, sample, and license original recordings. It solves a problem that has been plaguing producers, DJs, artists, and others since the rise of sampling in hip-hop and dance music over 30 years ...

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James Paasche

Tracklib announces partnership with Akai & Erick Sermon

The Akai MPC revolutionized beatmaking, and over 30 years after the MPC60 it’s still the weapon of choice for many beatmakers. 

Tracklib knows the value of a great controller in beatmaking, which is why they’ve teamed up with Akai, Erick Sermon and Reservoir Media for this month’s Beat Battle.

Producers are invited to make a beat by sampling, ‘Every Little Beat of my Heart’ by Flashlight, and the winning beat will be selected by MPC master Erick Sermon. The winning producer will receive an Akai MPD218 controller, one full sample license and 100 Tracklib download credits.
For more details about the competition, please see Tracklib's landing page.

About Tracklib:

Tracklib is the world’s first and only music service that offers legal and affordable samples at scale. Music producers can easily browse more than 70,000 tracks and purchase downloads for sampling, then instantly get a license with an easy-to-use category and and sample length calculation.